Frequently Asked Questions about Our Limousine Service in Cleveland, OH

How does a limousine company operate green?

As you might imagine, it is not possible to just shut off emissions, nor is it possible to downsize and expect the buyers of premium service to ride in smaller hybrid vehicles. This is especially obvious when it becomes understood that the only time hybrid vehicles actually run on electrical power is when the air conditioning is off and the vehicle is not on the highway.
Our strategy extends from waste recycling to carbon credits and dispatching for efficiency, but the longest extension is our commitment to seeking emerging technologies that can be tested on our fleet. Currently, we are testing a product designed to separate fuel molecules so that they burn more completely.
In addition to attacking greenhouse gases at the source, we have fostered a relationship with The Bos Dairy Farm near the Ohio/Indiana border. As a dairy farm, they are able to reclaim methane from manure that would be released into the atmosphere, burning it cleanly to turn a turbine that generates electrical power that is put into the Midwest power grid. In essence, we help fund the process that eliminates the impact of the methane created by cows in an amount equal to the negative impact caused by our vehicles and creates renewable, clean power.
We can't reduce our impact, but we want to; they can reduce theirs, but they can't afford to. We are working together to reduce greenhouse gasses and in turn, global warming.

Are all Limousine Companies created equally?

No! Limousine companies are created in the mind of their owner and executed in public. If the owner envisions a limousine company that concentrates on customers, there is a totally different experience from the company that concentrates on the customers’ money.

Are Limousine companies regulated by the state?

Only slightly and in varying degrees. In Ohio, it is required that limousines be licensed as "Livery Vehicles." In order to be allowed to display Livery Vehicle license plates, the company must prove that it carries a minimum of $300,000 in liability insurance coverage. It is not required to have vehicle safety inspections, chauffeur drug testing, nor scheduled hours of operation.

Is $300,000 enough insurance?

It depends on whether you have a claim. If you do have a claim, probably not. Insurance by its nature is the transfer of financial risk from one party to another. In the event of an accident where an injury is present, $300,000 can be absorbed quickly by medical expenses and rehabilitation. In the event of a more extensive accident, where multiple injuries are present, you are shouldering some of the risk yourself. It is highly suggested that you not consider engaging a company with less than $1 million dollars in Liability Coverage.

How much insurance does Company Car & Limousine have?

$1.5 million in primary liability and an additional $1 million in umbrella coverage. We focus on customers, not their money.

What about safety practices?

Insurance is in place in case safety becomes impossible. Safety practices and training are in place to reduce the instances where insurance becomes necessary. When choosing a company, ask about safety. Are the chauffeurs trained in safe driving? Ask the person who answers the phone what is the most important thing they do. If the answer isn't safety, find a different company!

What is the difference between a driver and a chauffeur?

A driver merely transports “something somewhere.” A useful accomplishment, but far less than what you might expect from a premium chauffeured ground travel company.
Our professional chauffeur staff is carefully selected. We hire only motivated team players who know the difference between transportation and service. We train and empower our chauffeurs to create a positive customer relationship and a memorable experience each and every time a passenger is with us. 
Company Car & Limousine is committed 100% to serving you with expertise, dependability and professionalism. We are proud to be of service and on the front line whenever and wherever you need us.

How far in advance do I need to reserve a car?

The more advanced notice for a reservation you can provide us, the better we can accommodate your service need. However, should your plans require "at once" service, we do all we can to accommodate you. If you need us, call us!

I'm getting varied pricing from the companies I am calling. Why the difference?

Private ground travel pricing in the State of Ohio is unregulated and therefore can be viewed in different ways by buyers and sellers of service. Some buyers and sellers may determine that price is merely a cost consideration for travel from point A to point B. Other buyers and sellers go further and view price as an amount that includes a myriad of services and value. Company Car & Limousine is a service provider in the latter group – maximum value at the lowest possible cost. Please see the "Services" page and compare.

Are there different rates for weekdays and weekends?

Rates are the same 7 days a week with one exception: our eight-passenger stretch limousine requires a minimum 4-hour charter from 5:00PM Friday through midnight Saturday. This pricing schedule may be suspended for special events. Otherwise rates for weekdays and weekends are the same.

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